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Jay wrote this letter to his Granddad shortly after Joe was released from the hospital in 2011.

I wanted to write you.

It is ok if you don't quite remember me when you are reading this. It was important to me to let you know whether you remember me or not that I will always remember you and the good times we had.

I know life is not easy and I do hope you enjoyed yours. We have both been lucky in this life to have the same group of people love us. And those people are a good start to a happy life. I hope you had great times with all of them over and over again.

I have a piece of sheet music that you wrote, To Be With You, by Joseph R. Castoro copyright 1968. I found it one night at your Baltimore home in your guitar case behind your guitar that I now own. I feel lucky to have this, as it will help me to remember that you were smart, funny and creative. Things you might not even remember about yourself right now. But it's true. It is also my belief that it is this type of thing left behind that makes humans immortal, since our bodies are not.

I would like to leave you with some lines from a song I wrote that I can only hope my grandchild one day finds and reads.

          If you knew you'd die tomorrow
          You'd still have a good time today.
          You know your soul would live on anyways

          Forget about all you worries.
          We all have right now.
          Stand up, hug your friends and take a bow.

          Because, you don't have to worry if they're doing it another way.
          Maybe you see something that they don't.

          It's really up to you.
          You don't need to live any way.
          It doesn't matter what they think.
          It's not their check to pay.
          You can bang your head against the wall as often as you like.
          It won't make them love you anymore than they all ready do.

I love you.